What if your loyalty promotion would side effect boarding new customers?

How do we do it?

We are good in building communities in branches of trade

We are focusing on substantial users groups. Mobility, Housing, Students, Holidays etc. We are turning these groups into communities by offering them discounts to a whole range of products and services. Our High Perceived value gift to your customer is based on the discounted products and services of other affiliates companies in your branch.

We are turning data into intelligence

Our loyalty closed community solutions are having the tools to motivate your customers, helping you build stronger relationships, so they stay longer. Utilizing single view of customer, trigger based automation, predictive segmentation, AI powered recommendations & personalized customer interaction. We offer practical solutions for any size club.

Brandmembers the place were data gets real

And then it all starts. We realized a succesful loyalty campaign. We did bring you a good amount of new customers. We gave you insight in your customer base. You really learned  about your customers because we could give you the insights  and outline you their behavior. Come on,  lets make a next step. But first things first. Contact us, share your thoughts and let us present you a solid plan.


The customer pasport page is the heart of Brandmembers. We share all data, and explain why we collect data from our customers. We point out that we can offer discount for valuable data per industry segment In other words: We pay (in discount) our customers to share data with us.

Ja, ik wil graag meer informatie ontvangen