What if your loyalty promotion would side effect boarding new customers?

How do we do it?

We are good in building communities in branches of trade

Brandmembers integrates loyalty/gift business in a two-sided market platform that is scalable sector wise. Carclubmembership platform, Holydaymembership platform, Sportmembership platform and so on. End-users are receiving a year membershipcard as a gift upon a purchase. This membership gives them access to all kind of discounts in that sector.

We are turning data into intelligence

Outstanding for Suppliers because we build strong brand loyalty amongst their customers and give insights in deep customer needs. We offer them a unique platform where we smart source huge amount of customers. For companies we add our knowledge in building stronger relations, so customers stay longer and by combining all data utilizing a single view of customer. We can offer new product introductions in an alternative closed loop environment.

Brandmembers the place were data gets real

Unique for customers because we offer personalized products sourced at their interest for a discounted price. Customers will visit a website that includes an ongoing optimized user experience that prevents them from dropping out.


The customer pasport page is the heart of Brandmembers. We share all data, and explain why we collect data from our customers. We point out that we can offer discount for valuable data per industry segment In other words: We pay (in discount) our customers to share data with us.

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